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Dimitra Didangelou, psychologist, MSc, author

My name is Dimitra Didangelou and I’m an officially licensed clinical psychologist, MSc and author. I’m registered at the Belgian Commission of Psychologists (no 812333003).

I offer one-on-one and group sessions for adults, and I also facilitate workshops and seminars. In my approach, I do a synthesis of the various methods I have been trained, using therapeutic writing and CRM trauma therapy techniques. I, also, use as complementary tools book therapy, meditation, philosophical counseling. All these, always based on the needs of the participants, the special characteristics of the personality and the individual background, in an atmosphere of security, trust and empathy. You can feel comfortable and express yourself freely, without concern of criticism.

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Indicative cases I work with: autoimmune and chronic diseases, traumatic experiences, burn out, identity and sexual identity issues, relationship improvement, decision making, loss –bereavement, transitions (pregnancy, divorce, unemployment, immigration, retirement, menopause etc.), communication, assertiveness, behavioral problems, personal growth, career consultation, burn out of medical staff etc.

Also, I offer sessions to expats as I can understand the unique challenges that they face moving to a new country.

In addition, I have developed a program designed specifically for people suffering from autoimmune diseases which consists of a set of 8 individual sessions. The aim is to process the psychosomatic consequences of an autoimmune disease, any psychological processes that may have contributed to its trigger (traumatic experiences, chronic stress, loss, PTSD etc.) and also the psychological support of the person after diagnosis or due to changes that occur because of this (on physical, psychological, social level etc.).

My training includes a Bachelor Degree in Psychology, a Master of Science Diploma in Psychology and Mass Media, an Advanced Study in Therapeutic Writing (The Center for Journal Writing in Denver, CO, USA), a Certificate in Philosophical Counseling and Psychotherapy, Training in the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM, trauma therapy) by Lisa Schwarz, Training in Career Consultation. Seminars in Systemic theory, Intergenerational Analysis, Book Therapy, Meditation Guidance, Bach Flower Remedies etc.

I hold an official license to practice the profession of psychologist and I’m a member of: Belgian Commission of Psychologists, Association of Greek Psychologists, Lapidus International, Mental Health Europe, Hellenic Network of Women in Europe.

I’m the founder of the Expressing MySelf Institute and the psychology web magazine Psycho-grafimata. I teach and organize therapeutic writing training and seminars for mental health professionals and also, I supervise expressive writing groups.

I’m a published author and I love writing fiction based on real stories because I believe that the unbelievable stories life brings surpass even the most powerful imagination.

Locations of Practice

  • Brussels (Belgium);
  • Pelion (Greece);
  • Online .

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Dimitra Didangelou Dimitra Didangelou – Psychologist – Ixelles Dimitra Didangelou Dimitra Didangelou – Psychologist – Ixelles cependant, enfin, malgré,

Dimitra Didangelou

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